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Work with a Hop Skip Jump travel pro to plan your dream travel experience. Experience more. Spend less. Plan with the best.

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Hop Skip Jump Travel Services wants to bring a little extra adventure and a touch of the backpacker experience to the often sterile, well-worn worlds of Travel Planning & Guided Tours. Travel can be so much more than just sightseeing, so we are here for those who enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Always remember your next adventure is just a Hop, Skip, and Jump away… The World Is Smaller Than You Think!

hop skip jump Travel Planning

Work with our Hop Skip Jump travel consultants to plan your dream adventure. We’ll help you pick the ideal destinations and create the perfect itinerary to maximize your time and budget. Your personal travel planner will also advise on packing, vaccines, visas, weather, safety, and other important tips to help your trip go smoothly. Our goal is to help you plan the best possible trip and make sure you’re fully prepared to set out and see the world with confidence. Experience more. Spend less. Learn from the best!

Hop Skip Jump’s founders have two decades of experience as backpackers, volunteers, and tour guides to exotic destinations all over the world. We want to share all that we’ve learned so that you too can become an adventurous world traveler. The World Is Smaller Than You Think! Let us show you…

hop skip jump Guided Tours

Hop Skip Jump Travel Pros hand-pick destinations from our favorite countries around the world to create an experience unlike other tours. Most tour operators just herd groups from sight to sight, overlooking beautiful little details and potential experiences in between. We’ll get you off the beaten path and feature details that make the journey more enjoyable and authentic. We also give you genuine opportunities to interact with locals and to give back to the communities you visit. Next up… Peru!!

hop skip jump travel Blog

The Hop Skip Jump Travel Blog is your one-stop spot for all things travel. Discover the art of strategic planning, get the scoop on our latest exciting guided tours, and uncover hidden gems as well as spots to avoid in our thorough destination reviews. With new stories and wisdom shared every week, there’s always something fresh to explore. Be sure to revisit us often, or better yet, sign up for our newsletter for a curated collection of our best travel insight delivered straight to your inbox!

Discover why a weekend in Austin is perfect for runners! Explore scenic trails, savor breakfast tacos, and unwind at Barton Springs. Plan your running getaway now!
Small group tours can provide intimate, authentic travel experiences & create friendships that last a lifetime. Contact Hop Skip Jump to join one today.
Let us help you decide how to visit Machu Picchu, be it scenic train rides to Aguas Calientes or the historic Inca Trail trek, in this concise guide.
We believe Peru travel should be about more than Machu Picchu. Learn about Peru's other ancient ruins, vibrant cities, breathtaking nature & delicious cuisine.
Check out our Digital Nomad Packing List suggestions for remote workers on the go. Essentials for productivity & mobility no matter where you are working.
Have limited time to explore the wonder that is India? Our handy guide can help you choose between North India vs South India based on a few major factors.

hop skip jump travel inspiration

Travel is a lot like chocolate. Even when it is bad it is better than broccoli or liver.

Travel is always fun but it’s at its best when you find those truly special places that you immediately fall in love with and remember for a lifetime. Grab a cup of coffee & read about some of our favorite places from around the world. We’ve even sorted them into fun categories like hidden gems, budget picks, & way out of the way destinations!

How to spend a day in the Columbia River Gorge & grab as many experiences as possible: hiking, relaxing, eating, drinking & taking it all in.
Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia & explore it's many charms, from it's historic Old Town to the vibrant nightlife & easy access to the Slovenian Alps.
How Novi Sad, Serbia stole our hearts during a trip through Eastern Europe.
Experience the magic of Varanasi, India's holiest city on the Ganges River, with ancient funeral rituals and colorful holy men.
With its fascinating history, diverse offerings, and welcoming atmosphere, Vieques Island is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a laid-back, authentic experience.
Explore Fayetteville, Arkansas – a charming city that offers a unique blend of outdoor activities, green spaces, and a vibrant food scene.
The world’s tallest sand dunes. Africa’s biggest canyon. Amazing and unique safari options. Beautiful, interesting coastline. Namibia has all of this and much more.
In addition to getting to see and interact with so many animals in their natural environment, the Galapagos Islands are also just flat-out beautiful.

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