About Us

Hop Skip Jump was founded by Joseph & Mason, two backpackers-turned-volunteers-turned-philanthropic tour leaders. It was born out of the ashes of a small non-profit that encouraged travelers to give back to local communities while exploring the world. After moving on from the non-profit sector, we created Hop Skip Jump to bring backpacker and volunteer-experience elements to the often sterile, well-worn travel industry and find ways to get more people to take the plunge and see this beautiful planet of ours.

Why did we start Hop Skip Jump?

Our motto, “The world is smaller than you think,” is meant to convey the idea that adventurous travel doesn’t have to be a far-off daydream. Far too many people put off travel under the false preconceptions that it’s too dangerous, too expensive, too difficult to plan, and so on. Others manage to get out there but think their only option is to stay on the paths most followed. We want to help you see the world and, more importantly, see it on your own terms. We want to show you how. We want to show you… The world is smaller than you think!

What makes Hop Skip Jump different?

The first question people often ask is “how are you different from a travel agent?”, which is a fair question. We’re actually significantly different. A traditional travel agent definitely serves a purpose but their job is mostly to just say “yes” to your ideas and sell you pre-packaged products created for the masses, rather than specifically for you. Hop Skip Jump wants to advise and teach, not just sell. With us, you’re likely to hear “yeah, that’s good but have you considered this?” or maybe even “that’s actually not a good idea and here’s why”. We aim to guide you and help you plan travel that is specifically tailored to your preferences.


My life of travel began in the early 2000s and, for nearly a decade, I traveled extensively through Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. I had wild adventures, made plenty of mistakes, learned from those mistakes, and mastered the art of exploring the world as an independent traveler. By 2011, just being a tourist was no longer fulfilling and I wanted to make a deeper connection with the incredible communities I was encountering around the world. So, I started a small non-profit, hoping to give back to the many wonderful people I’d met along the way and to help others see the world with open hearts. For seven more years, I organized and led volunteer trips abroad, which inspired and prepared me to develop fun tours for aspiring travelers like you. In addition to being your tour guide, I want to teach you all I’ve learned in over twenty years of exploring every nook and cranny I could find on this amazing planet. I’m confident we can improve your itinerary, get you off the beaten path, set your mind at ease, save you money, and help you have the experience of a lifetime. I know seeing the world can seem out of reach but I promise, your dream adventure is just a Hop Skip Jump away.


I came to travel from an entirely different angle from Joseph & actually owe most of my travel exposure to his influence. After spending my entire 20s and a good portion of my 30s making regrettable personal choices, I knew it was time for a change. Around the same time, Joseph had c0-founded a non-profit & was planning a volunteer trip to Thailand. Eager for new experiences & heeding Joseph’s advice to “just buy the ticket and let the rest fall into place,” I bought my ticket to go along for the ride. Fast forward 13 years, and I’ve become an avid traveler, exploring the world near & far. I attribute much of the happiness I’ve found in this second phase of my life to the transformative power of travel. Along this incredible journey, I crossed paths with my beautiful wife, Amanda, who has joined me in some of my most memorable travel adventures. We have recently welcomed two new additions to our family – a son named Miles and a daughter named Matilda. Today, we can hardly wait to share with our children the joys and lessons that travel has bestowed upon us, instilling a sense of wanderlust and curiosity in their young hearts.

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