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Here, the countless temples, stupas, squares, and courtyards are a part of daily life for the locals. They are utilized and feel “lived in.”

Why We Love It:

Maybe more than anywhere else in the world, Kathmandu’s sights do not feel gratuitous. They are not merely things for tourists to walk to and take photos of. Here, the countless temples, stupas, squares, and courtyards are a part of daily life for the locals. They are utilized and feel “lived in.” You can see ancient temples with laundry hanging from them or with an old woman selling flowers from its steps. Here in Kathmandu, you are not going out of your way to seek out culture and history; you are immersed in it. It is unavoidable as you wander the maze-like streets of the old town. The history and the sights are absorbed as one big living attraction. In short, Kathmandu is itself the highlight of visiting Kathmandu.

For this reason, this is one of our favorite cities in the world. Kathmandu is also extremely affordable, has some interesting food options, and is easy to explore. You can easily see the city in a few days but it would be criminal for you to visit amazing Nepal without trekking the Himalayan mountains or seeing any of the country’s other fascinating spots.

Region: South Asia
Days Needed: 4
Highlights: Culture, History, Temples, Photgraphy, Religion
Primary Language: Nepali
Cost ($-$$$$): $

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