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Mauritania is a special place for several reasons, but the thing we love most is that it has little to no tourism infrastructure because, generally speaking, tourists don’t go there.

Why We Love It:

Mauritania is a special place for several reasons but the thing we love most is that it has little to no tourism infrastructure because, generally speaking, tourists don’t go there. Now, I know you’re probably thinking that doesn’t sound appealing but, trust me, it’s a blessing for those who are looking for a true adventure. Because there is no tourism, you are essentially forced to do what the locals do. Travel like the locals travel. Eat as the locals eat. Live as the locals live. These limitations lead to a truly unique, authentic, and magical experience.


Sleep under the stars as a guest in a family’s oasis home. Hitchhike and ride in the back of a pick-up truck through a sandstorm and then use your bare hands to share a big bowl of delicious thieboudienne with the other passengers. Trek through the desert for days with just your guide and your trusty camel for company. Walk out to the fish market outside of Nouakchott to watch the fishermen work as a team to drag the colorful wooden boats from the beach to the water, using cadence chants and coordinated movements that have likely been copied for countless generations. We could ramble on about the magic of Mauritania for hours so, instead,  just check out the photos and judge for yourself.

Region: West Africa
Days Needed: 14
Highlights: Nature, Culture, Architecture
Primary Language: Arabic, French
Cost ($-$$$$): $$

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